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What is Fill Your Shoes?
We are asked so often from organizations how can they help with Learning to Lead's mission of ensuring students have the key life and leadership skills to pursue their goals and dreams.  Learning to Lead is making such a significant difference in so many student's lives but we need help to continue to grow our leadership programs such as Girls Take Charge and Define U to reach more students.   



Comments from Learning to Lead Student participants
“Learning to Lead inspired me to be more and do more.  I never though of myself as a leader. I want to help make a difference in other people's lives."
Make Your Donation Now!
“This program taught me to believe and be confident in myself.  Thank You!”

“I’ve NEVER learned so much in 1 day.  Thanks.  Live your life!” 

“Girls Take Charge has changed by life.  This was a very worthwhile experience.  I wish more girls could take part in this.” 


Two ways you can help

   1. Company Sponsorship and Donations
   2. Hosting a Fill Your Shoes Party (either individuals or business/organization)

Below are photos from past Fill Your Shoes Charity Events...




Opportunity One:

Fill Your Shoes Campaign Sponsor

This is an opportunity for companies and organizations to serve as a leading sponsor of a Learning to Lead one day or multi day program.  Sponsorship Levels range from $1,000 to $10,000.  This is an exciting opportunity for companies and organizations to donate to a 501(c)3 charity and at the same time receive some wonderful pr opportunities regarding how they are helping girls achieve their leadership goals.    

“Girls Take Charge not only taught me how to be myself, it made me want to be myself.” 



Opportunity Two:





Host Your Own "Fill Your Shoes" Event
You can make your donation now for an upcoming party you are hosting, invited to or make an online donation if you can’t make the party.  Finally, this makes a GREAT holiday or birthday gift for that special girlfriend, Mom, etc.  Make the donation in their name and we will send them an email letting them know that “Their Shoes Were Filled”!

    * $10 Flip Flop Donation
    * $20 Flats
    * $40 Heels
    * $50 Boots
    * $100 The Shoe Rack
    * $500 Company or Organization Donation

      “Taking charge makes change and this program has shown that I should be involved in this changing revolution.  I want to take that step…”


A BIG THANK YOU TO BIRGITTA SAMA OF  B SAMA STUDIOS FOR ALL OF THE DESIGN WORK.   To inquirer about design projects by Birgitta, please contact her at





Learning to Lead is a registered public charity under Section 501(C)(3) of the Internal Revenue Code.